April 2019 Member of the Month – Lauren Brierley – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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April 2019 Member of the Month – Lauren Brierley


April 2019 Member of the Month – Lauren Brierley

What is your full name and do you have any nicknames?

Full name is Lauren Elysia Brierley, no nicknames really except some friends say Laur or my parents call me Lu.

Where did you grow up

I was raised in Lincoln, RI.

Why CrossFit?

I like CrossFit because I love the challenge it always brings and variety of workouts that we do.  I also have a gymnastics background, so I find those moments come naturally to me and are a lot of fun to play around with!

Do you have a favorite CrossFit workout?

I don’t have a specific favorite Crossfit WOD but I enjoy workouts with squats, cleans, snatches, BMU’s, HSPU’s or handstand walking.

Favorite series?

Favorite tv series is Game of Thrones or The Office.

Cats or Dogs?

Definitely cats! I like dogs too but I grew up with only cats as pets so I understand them well.

Favorite time to workout?

Favorite time to workout is the 5:30 PM class. I’m definitely NOT a morning person

Most used Emojii?

Most used emoji is or 😂or 😻

If you could live anywhere in the universe for one year where would it be?

If I could live anywhere for a year it would have to be either Japan or Italy.  My favorite foods are from those two countries.

Movie title to describe your life?

Movie title to describe my life would be The Pursuit of Happiness

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