August Member of the Month Brittany Artale – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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August Member of the Month Brittany Artale


August Member of the Month Brittany Artale

What is your full name and do you have any nicknames?

Brittany Ann Marie Artale but most people call me Brit

Where did you grow up

Lisbon CT

Why CrossFit?

Hayley Cosgrove forced me to do the free intro class.  After doing bodybuilding for four years I was looking for something new and exciting.  I love the challenge of CrossFit and there always being something to improve at. 

Do you have a favorite CrossFit workout?

Anything with a lot of lifting. 

Favorite series?

I am obsessed with the TV series Friends and my favorite book series is Harry Potter. 

Cats or Dogs?

Dogs all the way. 

Favorite time to workout?

Whenever I can make it in. 

Most used Emojii?


If you could live anywhere in the universe for one year where would it be?

On a sunny beach where it never rains. 

Movie title to describe your life?

It’s a Beautiful Life

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