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Tuesday January 18th

22.01.18 INTENDED STIMULUS Finish the workout between 10:00-15:00. More advanced athletes should push as close to 10:00 as possible. Unbroken or very large sets of...
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Sunday January 16th

220116 INTENDED STIMULUS Steady, consistent pace. Use set rest periods to transition between movements. Complete at least 5 presses each interval. Feel challenged on the...
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Friday January 14th

220114 INTENDED STIMULUS Get to the round of 15 squats. Be able to complete 15 unbroken double-unders consistently. Keep overhead squats unbroken through the round...
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Tuesday January 11th

220111 BARBARA INTENDED STIMULUS Complete each round in 3:00-5:00 Maintain consistent split times across all rounds. Start by scaling back the volume if you take...
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Monday January 10th

210110 INTENDED STIMULUS Fast paced workout in which you are only limited in your ability to move faster. Finish the workout in around 15:00. Complete...
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Sunday January 9th

22.01.09 INTENDED STIMULUS Complete the workout between 7:00-12:00. Perform each set of wall-ball shots unbroken. Perform each set of deadlifts in no more than 2...
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Saturday January 8th

22.01.08 INTENDED STIMULUS Complete 8 sets x :20 work / :10 rest of one movement before progressing to the next movement. Higher volume and fast-paced...
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Friday January 7th

22.01.07 HEAVY DAY INTENDED STIMULUS Lift as heavy as possible for 3 reps. Rest 1:30-2:00 between lifts. Develop fast, explosive strength. Finish with upper-body accessory...
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Wednesday January 5th

22.01.05 INTENDED STIMULUS Complete the workout between 7:00-12:00. Perform the back squats unbroken. Able to perform at least 5 unbroken handstand push-ups every time you...
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Tuesday January 4th

22.01.04 INTENDED STIMULUS Moderate duration conditioning workout with short rests. Maintain paces that are uncomfortable, but manageable. Take a longer rest halfway through to recover...
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Monday January 3rd

22.01.03 OPEN WORKOUT 11.3 INTENDED STIMULUS Complete 5-10 reps per minute. Loading should be moderate. Fast singles for most of the workout. Always pushing for...
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Sunday January 2nd

22.01.02 20.2 INTENDED STIMULUS Constant-movement workout where no exercise causes you to rest for too long. All exercises should be unbroken for as many rounds...
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Saturday January 1st

HAPPY NEW YEAR 22.01.01 INTENDED STIMULUS 13.1 – Snatch difficulty increases as the workout goes on. 13.1 – Maintain 15-20 burpees per minute. Chad –...
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