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Wednesday September 22nd

21.09.22 INTENDID STIMULUS 1.) Finish today’s workout in less than 30:00. Advanced athletes should push to finish closer to 25:00.2.) Light to moderate loading on...
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Tuesday September 21st

21.09.21 INTENDED STIMULUS 1.) Finish the workout between 10:00 and the15:00 CAP.2.) Each set of double unders should take no more than 1:00.3.) Complete DB...
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Monday September 20th

21.09.20 INTENDED STIMULUS 1.) Finish today’s under the 12:00 timecap.2.) Complete the power snatches in two sets or less.3.) 15/11 calories on the bike should...
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Sunday September 19th

21.09.20 INTENDED STIMULUS 1.) Finish the workout between 16:00-20:00.2.) Athletes should push to complete the weighted runs in less than 3:00 and the 800m runs...
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Wednesday September 15th

21.09.15 INTENDED STIMULUS 1.) Lift a relatively heavy weight without reaching failure.2.) Shoot for a PR if possible.3.) Continue to increase load throughout the 9...
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Tuesday September 14th

21.09.14 INTENDED STIMULUS 1.) Finish the workout between 8:00-13:00.2.) Overhead arm locked out the entire time.3.) Push to go unbroken on the lunges in each...
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Monday September 13th

21.09.13 INTENDED STIMULUS 1.) Finish the workout between 10:00-15:00 with more advanced athletes pushing to finish sub 10:00.2.) Unbroken or squats in two sets.3.) No...
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Thursday September 9th

“CHRISTINE” INTENDED STIMULUS 1.) Finish the workout between 10:00-15:00 (Advanced athletes should push closer to 10:00).2.)  Athletes should be able to complete 7+ reps with...
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Wednesday September 8th

21.09.08 INTENDED STIMULUS 1.) Perform each set at 60-80% of your 1RM.2.) Opportunity for everyone to lift relatively heavy to their capacity.3.) Focus on pure...
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Tuesday September 7th

21.09.07 INTENDED STIMULUS 1.) Finish each 800m in less than 4:30.2.) Pure running workout that focuses on running each interval faster than the last. Each...
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Monday September 6th

“343” INTENDED STIMULUS 1.) Finish Under 40 minutes2.) Choose weights you can do large sets on 3.) Completes each exercise under 10 min4.) Keep moving on...
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Sunday September 5th

21.09.05 INTENDID STIMULUS 1.) 1.5-2 rounds2.) Complete toes-to-bar in 5 sets or less3.) Completes wall balls in 6 sets or less4.) Scale loading or difficulty...
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Saturday September 4th

21.09.04 INTENDID STIMULUS • Complete the workout in less than 25:00.• Maintain similar paces across similar distances.• Increase your pace across the final distance.• Avoid...
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Friday September 3rd

21.09.03 INTENDID STIMULUS 1.) Complete 5-6 rounds2.) Advanced athletes 8+ Rounds3.) Use a moderate loading that allows for multiple unbroken sets.4.) No failed reps or...
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