February 2015 Member of the Month- Jim Savasta – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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February 2015 Member of the Month- Jim Savasta


February 2015 Member of the Month- Jim Savasta

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Why did you decide to join DHCF?

I’ve always been pretty athletic but let myself lapse into being really out of shape so I was looking to get back to doing something.  I saw some pictures of my friends Ken & Kristy Peterson at DHCF on Facebook.  I asked Ken what it was all about and later that day he badgered me into going to a class with him.  Even though I was seriously winded after the warm-up and was sore for about 3 days after, I loved it and signed up right away.

What has been your most memorable  achievement at DHCF?

Although there is a list of things that I can do now that I couldn’t when I started, I’m going to say that committing to and completing the 1st 30 day food challenge is what I’m most proud of.  I really wanted (and needed!) to lose a few pounds and I actually surprised myself with how disciplined I was able to be.  Turns out it was a little easier to do a pullup without the extra weight!

Were you surprised to find yourself a top of the podium at the “Dynamic Duo” competition?

Surprised is definitely an understatement!  Never having done a competition before, I was really just hoping not to embarrass myself.  It was fun to spend the day with some great DHCF members, set a PR on the Clean & Jerk and get on the podium.  Of course, it also helped to have a partner like BDuck who was awesome all day.

What words of encouragement would you offer a new Elements graduate?
First thing would be to make an effort to get to know as many DHCF members as you can.  We have men & women of all ages and ability and everyone loves to talk Crossfit.  You’ll quickly realize that everyone is as sore as you, has similar weaknesses as you or have felt as awkward doing a particular movement as you do. Second would be to listen to your body (and your coaches!) and try to find that balance of pushing yourself hard without injuring yourself.

Do you feel CrossFit has stepped up your bowling game? Which we have heard is top level already.

Haha, yeah I’ve been bowling all my life and do it pretty competitively (leagues, tournaments, etc).  It definitely has helped to be stronger and better balanced but the biggest improvement has probably been on the mental side.  It takes a certain amount of determination and concentration to get through WOD’s like Open 14.5 and that translates to any sport.

What is your favorite music to WOD to?

Like a WOD, music should be varied each day.  And Loud.  Very Loud.

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