Friday April 3rd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday April 3rd


Friday April 3rd

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Warm-up: Run/Row 400m

Mobility: Ballerina Stretch – 1 minute each side, Lax Ball Shoulders – 1 minute each side, Down Dog with calf stretch 10x each leg.

Warm-up: Line Drills in Place – Over Hurdle, Side Lunge, Figure 4, Tip Toes Out, Tip Toes In, Heels & Arm circles, High Knees, Butt Kicks.

Part 1: 

10 x 100m (328 feet) Sprints(Row or Run or 75 Speed Steps), Rest 1 min between sprints, Measure out your 100m from your house, this will also be your 200m turn around. Run to 100m mark, rest 1 min, run back.

WOD Test: 10 Alt DB Snatch, if it feels light do 20, Medium 15 (start with weaker arm each time), Heavy 10 in the WOD.

Part 2:

AMRAP 15 – 10 Alt DB/KB Snatch, 200m Run, 20 V-Ups

Scale: Run => 250m Row => 150 Speed Steps, V-Ups => Single Leg V-Ups

Notes: Part 1 are sprints at about 90%, not a max effort. We are trying to remain consistent on all 10 and not let our times drop off. This WOD you want to stay consistent on, 15 minutes is a longer time, you should be able to get through snatch and run/row without breaking each time, V-Ups are a higher number and you will need to break them up. 

Cooldown:  Pigeon Stretch – 1 minute each leg, Up dog x 10 (3 min)

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