Friday February 12th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday February 12th


Friday February 12th


Workout Focus

1) Press and pull stamina builder.
2) Improving fatigued pressing mechanics.
3) Learn how to move while the heart rate is high.


1200/1050m Row
20 DB Strict Press (50/35#)
800/700m Row
30 DB Floor Press (50/35#)
400/350m Row
40 DB Push Press (50/35#)

Level 2

1000/900m Row
20 DB Strict Press (35/25#)
700/600m Row
30 DB Floor Press (35/25#)
400/300m Row
40 DB Push Press (35/25#)

Level 1

800/600m Row
20 DB Strict Press (15/10#)
400/300m Row
30 DB Floor Press (15/10#)
200/150m Row
40 DB Push Press (15/10#)


3 Sets:
:30 Doorway Stretch / Side
:30 Banded Lat Stretch / Side


3 Sets:
20 Two-handed DB Front Raise
:30 Hollow Hold


This workout is the CrossFit version of a pump session. We have a pull and push paired together with a high heart rate. The progressive pushing movements will allow for increased capacity as you fatigue, so the load should be scaled for the strict press. The rowing distances should be scaled such that you can complete the first round in under 5:00. The DB load ensure you can complete the strict press in no more than four sets. The overall time domain is between twelve and sixteen minutes. We are challenging you to push the row a little faster than usual. This should make you weary to pick up the DBs. This kind of day is perfect for learning what you can do while you’re tired!

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