Friday February 2nd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday February 2nd


Friday February 2nd

Strength: Push Press – 5 x 3 ~80-90% WOD Weight. Rest 1-2 min btw.

WOD: “Danny”

AMRAP 20 of 30 Box Jumps,
20 Push Press,
30 Pull-Ups.

RX 24/20, 115/75, L2 20/18,95/65, L1 18/12, 75/45

Notes: Use the Push Press to get warm for the WOD. There are a lot of reps to work through.

Push on exercises you are strong at and pace through weaker exercises. Pull-Ups and Push Press will be best if broken up from the start.


5 x 10 BB Press, 5 x 10 Band Rows. WOD “Danny”

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