Friday June 28th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday June 28th


Friday June 28th

Part 1: 5 Rounds of Sled Pull & Push. Add weight each round if possible.Rest ~ 2 min btw.

Part 2: AMRAP 12 – 100 DU, 50 WBS.

RX+ 30/20, RX 20/14, L2 16/12, L1 12/8

Scale: Part 1 -> weight, distance Part 2: SUx2.

Notes: Can shorten the distance if you needed. Part 2: You want to push¬† to try larger sets. You should choose a weight you can at least always do ~10 reps with but we don’t want you to go lighter because of this, we want you to push for bigger sets with normal ball.

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