Friday May 7th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday May 7th


Friday May 7th


1.) increase load throughout the workout.
2.) One major focal point today is consistent footwork in the jerk.
3.) Finish your workout on a “heavy” set


2 Front Squats + 1 Split Jerk


10 Barbell Split Squats / Leg
10 Seated Behind the Neck Press


:30 Couch Stretch / Leg
:30 Hang From Bar


 From a rack: Starting weight around 70-80% of your best front squat. Today is a heavy day with a complex weightlifting skill: the split jerk. We should be able to squat more than we can lift overhead, so we will be limited in today’s workout based on our split jerk technique. You can attack these 8 sets in two different ways. If we are familiar with each movement and know our percentages, try to start around 70-80% of your best front squat and hold close to that weight across your 8 sets. The other option is to start a little lighter and slowly build to our heaviest weight lifted around set 7 or 8. The second option is a little simpler if we don’t know what we are capable of, but both get us to where we want to be. We recommend at least 2:00 of rest between sets. You should be lifting weight in each set
that requires you to rest, and you should want to take time between your sets to reflect on the previous lift. If you feel like you could perform your next set after :30-1:00, then your weight is not heavy enough relative to what you are capable of. Challenge yourself.  Focus on keeping your elbows up during the front squats and in the transition to the split jerk. This will ensure the bar has the best potential to travel straight up and down. We also want to remember to breathe during each rep. During front squats, we should inhale at the top, hold the breath in on the way down, and then exhale on the way up. During the split jerk, we want to take a breath with the bar in the rack, hold the breath, perform our jerk, and then exhale with the weight overhead


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