Friday November 5th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday November 5th


Friday November 5th



1.) Increase loading across as many sets as possible.
2.) Take the weight from a rack.
3.) Improve your footwork on the push jerk and the split jerk.


6 Sets for Load:
2 Push Jerks + 1 Split Jerk


6 Sets for Load:
4 Push Jerks + 2 Split Jerks


• Maintain unbroken sets on the skill work.
• Rest 1:00 between sets and movements as needed.
• Increase weight if desired.

3 Sets:
12 DB Floor Presses
12 DB Bent Over Rows


2 Sets:
:30 Doorway Shoulder Stretch / Side
:30 Banded Arm Stretch / Side


Target Loading | Increase loading across as many sets as possible.
• Record the heaviest load lifted.
• Your shoulders are likely starting to feel more fatigued from yesterday’s benchmark and our heavy day earlier in the week. Consider that heavy days are relative to your overall fitness and how you might be feeling on any given day. Avoid pushing to the point of failure. And avoid pushing to a loading that prevents you from controlling your movement mechanics. Today serves as your chance to get stronger and have a break from the speed volume and complexity programmed this week.
• You have a few options depending on what you would like to focus on today. One, you could take the barbell from the ground which will reduce the overhead loading, but it will allow you to build on your power cleaning skills. Two, you can take from the rack and follow the Level 1 rep scheme and practice form and footwork.
• We will start off by jumping into a dynamic warm-up, then balancing the remaining warm-up time between jerk review and loading. Post workout, we will finish the day with some skill work to build strength in some of our weaker areas related to these movements.

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