January 2016 Member of the Month – Vicky O’Malley – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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January 2016 Member of the Month – Vicky O’Malley


January 2016 Member of the Month – Vicky O’Malley


What is your favorite class time?

5:30pm. But you may occasionally see me at the 7:30pm class.

What is your favorite cross fit movement?

I love deadlifts. Deadlifts are fun and work almost every muscle, win win!

What did you think of your first CrossFit experience?

I wish I had discovered CrossFit sooner. My experience with CrossFit, most importantly DHCF, has been so rewarding. I have met some wonderful people and have developed some great friendships. I have become stronger, more fit than I have ever been in my entire life. CrossFit has been the first exercise program I have ever stuck with for more than a month; can’t believe it’s been almost two years. I love it that I can experience CrossFit with my son who’s in the Teen class.

What do you feel is your biggest CrossFit accomplishment?

I remember when I first saw one of the women doing a rope climb, I thought to myself, no way in hell would I ever be able to do that! Well 15 months later, I did it, my first rope climb. It was tough, (it’s still tough), but I did it and that’s a huge accomplishment for me.

What advice would you offer to someone just finishing Elements or thinking about trying CrossFit?

Commit to trying it for at least 6 months, I can almost guarantee you will love it. When I started elements, I was 45yrs old and was so out of shape that I didn’t think CrossFit was for me. I remember emailing Keith that I didn’t think I could go to class because I was so sore, I could barely walk. Keith encouraged me to come anyway. I got through the class feeling a little better. Every class I would make the tiniest gain, but a gain no less. Stick with it, you will see gains too.

What do you do when not at CrossFit?

When I’m not at Crossfit, I’m spending time with my family, leading a Girl Scout meeting or working.

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