January Member of the Month Jess Burke – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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January Member of the Month Jess Burke


January Member of the Month Jess Burke

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What is your favorite class time?

It isn’t my first pick for a class time (because I’m actually not a morning person), but I like the 5:30amtime the best because it works best for my family and I don’t hate it that by 6:30am, I’ve already got my workout in!

What is your favorite cross fit movement?

Pull ups (It’s a love/hate thing…. but I’m most proud of my improvement with these!)

What did you think of your first CrossFit experience?

My first experience was great.  I felt great to be working out again.

What advice would you offer to someone just finishing Elements or thinking about trying CrossFit? 

I would tell someone to try it and stick with it.  It took me a long time to commit to even try the Elements class, but I’m glad that I did.  I was overwhelmed and frustrated at how weak/slow I was, but over time I have definitely noticed a difference in both my strength and speed.  The best advice is to stick with it.  They will  be amazed as to how their strength will improve.

What do you do when not at CrossFit?

When not at CrossFit, I am either teaching my sweet little second graders or spending time with my husband Tom, and our kids Riley and Logan.  They are both active in dance and soccer.  We also enjoy going to dinner and playing family games together.



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