January Member of the Month Stacy DiCesare – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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January Member of the Month Stacy DiCesare


January Member of the Month Stacy DiCesare

What is your full name and do you have any nicknames? Stacy Lee (Harris) DiCesare.

Some people call me Stace 🙂

Where did you grow up?

Cumby! (Cant wait to come back.)

Why CrossFit?

Community! I have made so many friends that help keep me accountable. I have learned so much about nutrition and overall health and love that everything we do is scalable. (ScaledAF) Also love the feeling of being strong. 💜

Do you have a favorite CrossFit workout?

A partner workout. 

Favorite series?

Parks and Rec, Friends, Schitts Creek and currently watching Brooklyn 99 and it’s becoming a new fav.

Cats or Dogs?

Cats (obvi) but I cant wait to have a pup someday! 😽

Favorite time to workout?


Most used Emojii? 


If you could live anywhere in the universe for one year where would it be? Asgard or Hogwarts 

Movie title to describe your life?

This is a great question

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