July 2016 Member of the Month Mandy DiFilippo – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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July 2016 Member of the Month Mandy DiFilippo


July 2016 Member of the Month Mandy DiFilippo


Big fan of the 5:30 PM class. I look forward to it all day and think about what weight I might use or what time I want to get.
I really like Overhead Squats. I like hand stand push-ups too and I’m excited to work hard to really get those figured out!
Brian actually coached me for my elements class when I had first started CrossFit. We did squats and he had us try knees to waist and toes to bar. I thought it was fun! I was excited to get started.
For anyone that has taken the Elements classes or is thinking of trying CrossFit, once you do, you will never look at working out the same ever again! You learn just how much you can challenge yourself and what you’re capable of. It doesn’t matter if someone lifts more weight, runs faster, can climb a rope or do pull-ups, what matters is what you are doing to meet your goals. At regular gyms it’s too easy to cut a workout short or skip out on some machines. At CrossFit, once you walk in that door, you’ve committed that block of time to YOU.
When I’m not at CrossFit I’m with my husband and fellow CrossFitter Al and our 10 month old baby Emma. She keeps us busy going on adventures across Rhode Island!

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