July Member of the Month Stephen Violett – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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July Member of the Month Stephen Violett


July Member of the Month Stephen Violett

What is your favorite class time?

5:30 am.  It works best with my work schedule. I feel we are a family because it is the same group at 5:30 supporting each other to achieve our goals.


What is your favorite crossfit movement?

It is a tie between dead lifts and Russian Kettlebell Swings.  I never thought I could dead lift over 200 pounds but I did it.


What did you think of your first Crossfit experience?

“Oh my God, this is difficult”  I was really out of shape. It was the Christmas before I joined and my wife told me I had to do something because I did not exercise.  A friend, Joe Pereira, had told me about his experience at DHCF and said I should try it. I thought it was way to difficult.  I signed up for my trial class.  I had no idea it was death by burpees. I had to stop several times to ward off dry heaves.  I persisted and came back for Elements and 1 1/2 years later I keep getting better at Crossfit.


What advice would you offer to someone just finishing Elements or thinking about trying Crossfit?

Elements are the building blocks to the techniques in the WODs. Take it one day at a time. Every class the coaches correct my form or technique to help make my workout better. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  If you are thinking about trying Crossfit, make the appointment.  It’s not your typical workout, it’s more!  As former Navy SEAL, author and speaker Jocko Willink says even when you don’t want to get out of bed to work out, “Do it”.


What do I do when not at Crossfit?

I love being with my family.

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