June Member of the Month Kayla Duguay – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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June Member of the Month Kayla Duguay


June Member of the Month Kayla Duguay

What is your favorite class time?

My favorite class time is 9:00am on my days off from work. Smaller class size = more attention from the coaches 😉

What is your favorite cross fit movement?

I like power cleans and back squats.
What did you think of your first CrossFit experience?
I thought it was challenging but I was excited to go back the next day.

What advice would you offer to someone just finishing Elements or thinking about trying CrossFit?

I would tell them that the physical benefits of CrossFit are great, but being a member of the DHCF community is even better! I have met some really cool people and made lots of friends over the last year.

What do you do when not at CrossFit?

When I’m not at CrossFit I am playing with my dog Griffey, hanging out with Kyle, and working as an RN and going to grad school.

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