March Member of the Month Nelson Caetano – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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March Member of the Month Nelson Caetano


March Member of the Month Nelson Caetano

What is your full name and do you have any nicknames?

Nelson Manuel Caetano – At some point Nelly started sticking as a nickname


Where did you grow up

I grew up in East Providence, RI


Why CrossFit?

I have come to love fitness, and I enjoy friendly competition.  CrossFit combines those two things in a really satisfying way.  I also really enjoy the way CrossFit routinely pushes me out of my comfort zone.   


Do you have a favorite CrossFit workout?



Favorite series?

The Name of The Wind – No seriously, read it. 



Cats or Dogs?

Dogs.  I have a German Shepherd named Zelda.  


Favorite time to workout?

In the evenings, right after work


Most used Emojii?

The thumbs up emoji


If you could live anywhere in the universe for one year where would it be?

An island on an earth like planet elsewhere in the galaxy


Movie title to describe your life?

Revenge of the Nerds

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