May 2015 Member of the Month – Trudy Grow – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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May 2015 Member of the Month – Trudy Grow


May 2015 Member of the Month – Trudy Grow


Why did you decide to join DHCF?

I decided to join DHCF at the urging of my adult children.  They had been encouraging my husband and I to join a Crossfit for awhile.  We used the excuse that they were all too far away.  When DHCF opened , we had no  more excuses.   We both signed up for Elements and have never looked back.

How would you describe your first experience with CrossFit?

My first experience with Crossfit was the Elements class at DHCF.  I had never experienced a workout program anything like it and was quite overwhelmed.  But with Beth and Keith patiently explaining and demonstrating, I began to learn the movements.  Even while I took the Elements class, I always left with a feeling of “Wow, I did it!”

What has been your most memorable achievement at DHCF?

I have achieved many things at DHCF.  My progress has always been in “baby steps”, but I just keep working at it.  As an example, it took me some time to work from using a PVC pipe to a weighted PVC pipe, to the 15 lb training bar for  lifts.  Now I am adding weight, but continuing to progress at a pace appropriate for me.

What words of advice would you offer to a new Elements graduate?

Any Elements graduate should remember we all “leave our egos at the door”.   DHCF has a very patient and knowledgeable group of coaches who can guide you as you continue your journey at Crossfit.  The athletes at DHCF represent all ages, interests and backgrounds, yet all of our differences seem to disappear as we work together at Crossfit.

Do you think Luke will grow up to be a CrossFitter?

Luke will probably be a Crossfitter.  His grandma and grandpa do Crossfit, his mom and dad do Crossfit, his uncle and 2 aunts do Crossfit;  so his path may be set.  He already does an air squat that could be a training video!

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