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Get off that couch!!!!

CrossFit Metcon will use the same principles of CrossFit, constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity, but focus more on the conditioning aspect using scaled weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and some plyometric movements.  CrossFit Metcon will not use Olympic lift movements or heavy barbell work.

When can you come and How Much?

The MetCon class is currently offered Monday through Friday at 8am. As the demand increases for other times we will add as needed. The MetCon class is available to all CrossFit Members for no extra charge. Non-CrossFit members can pay $119 per month or $15 per class.

 Who is it for?

  • It is for anyone who may want to improve their health and fitness but may not want to use barbells and heavy weights.
  • It is for the person who may have taken some time off from fitness and wants to ease back into it.
  • It is for person who wants to work on cardio, body awareness and athleticism before adding strength and power training in the main CrossFit class.


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