Monday January 25th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday January 25th


Monday January 25th

Part 1: 

Movement Prep and Warm-up

Part 2:

“Human Torch”
For Time:
1,000/900m Row
800m Run
750/675m Row
600m Run
500/450m Row
400m Run
250/225m Row
200m Run


(If poor weather) Run =>3:00/2:30/2:00/1:30 Jump rope (DU/SU/Speed steps), (For injury) Run => Bike 3x run distance.


3 Sets:
10 Alternating Renegade Rows
20 Lunging Pallof Press Left Leg
20 Lunging Pallof Press Right Leg


This week is all about “ripper chippers” We like chippers because of the variety of movements and challenge of volume. We know this workout looks simple, that’s a good thing. We have a long week ahead of us. So we want to start off without beating us up too much with heavy weight and high reps. Pay attention to how your body feels this week with the increase of chippers we have.
With a workout like this you have two main choices:
1) Just cruise through as long as you can finish under the 22:00 cap.
2) Start off slow in the longer distances and try and increase pace across each new running/rowing distance.
Think of each run row as a pair. Try holding a slow-moderate pace from the 1000m row and 800m run. Then you can try to increase pace slightly on the 750m row and 600m run. Remember that there is no extra rest between movements. Avoid “sending it” on the first row and run. **If you plan on taking this workout on as prescribed, then you should be able to row a 1k under 4:00 and run an 8:00 mile or better. If this is a little ambitious for you, then we recommend using the level scaling options as a guide.

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