Monday July 23rd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday July 23rd


Monday July 23rd

Skill: Hip Mobility (Watch this video for some new mobility)

WOD: “Nasal”

6 Rounds of 200m Row, 200m Run, 2 min rest.

*Nasal Breathe only.

Notes: For this workout today we’re using what we call 3rd Gear (G3). This is a higher paced nasal breathing is almost like a bhastrika (bellows) Breath from yoga. This is a full inhale followed by a powerful nasal exhale. Generally this gear used to deal with rising CO2 levels as we push into higher aerobic efforts. 
Developing the ability to move through a variety of breath patterns in REAL TIME while under duress is a crucial part of the breath work spectrum.  
The long term effect this has on the capacity to manage both pacing (energy management) and state (energy management) cannot be overstated not to mention the increase of training time effectiveness


Hip Mobility , WOD: 8 Rounds 100m Row, 100m Run, 100 SU, rest 1 min

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