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Monday May 31st


Monday May 31st


Murph Rep Strategies

1/2/3 for 100 Rounds

If you are able to stay under the rig then this and 2/4/6 are interesting versions to try.

2/4/6 for 50 Rounds

If the idea of tackling 100 pull-ups seems doable but something that is not a drop in the bucket, choose 2/4/6.

3/6/9 for 33 Rounds + 1 Round of 1/2/3

This is a great place to start if you’re doing Murph for the first time, with or without a vest, and you know that the push-ups are your limiting factor. 

5/10/15 for 20 Rounds

If you’re strong at pull-ups and know that the 5 is no problem, this is an excellent option.

10/20/30 for 10 Rounds

If you’re a ninja at push-ups, go after this rep scheme. 

20/40/60 for 5 Rounds

This rep scheme isn’t very popular with many.


There’s no requirement to do this rep scheme. Plan to be sore if you choose this option. Not an option for newer athletes.

Breaking Up the Push-ups Within Each Round

Now, what happens if your rep scheme goes to sh*#?! You have one more tool in your toolbox – split the movement that is breaking down into two sets within each round.

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