Monday October 19th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday October 19th


Monday October 19th

What is your favorite protein bar?

Many “healthy” bars are loaded with sugar or artificial ingredients. Just like snacks, you want to have a bar that has a good balance of protein and carb

Try the Perfect Bar Mini – it has the right balance of protein, carb, and healthy fats or our delicious Belgian Bar.

General Warm Up:

1 minute Jump Rope then 2 sets of 15 AbMat Sit Ups, 20 second Hollow Hold with PVC pipe in OH position.


Roll Forearms, Tricep Stretch and Child’s pose.

Specific Warm up:  

EMOM 8: Minute 0,1 – :30 sec Bar Hang (alt if group is large), Minute 2,3 Kip Swings (small), Minute 4,5 – Big Kip swings, maintaining hollow and arch with feet close together, Minute 6,7 – Kipping Pull Up or just practice getting to bar. After EMOM – Warm-up Bar MU if doing in WOD.


5 Rounds of 25 DUs,10 T2B, 25 DUs, 5 Bar MU


T2B => Vups,  Muscle Up => 8 C2B => 8 Pull Up => 12 RR, BMU Quantity can be changed also or MU attempts.


Roll Calves and Lats


Choose a scale (movement and/or reps) that keeps your rounds around 2 – 2 1/2 minutes or less. Should be an 8 – 12 minute WOD.


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