Monday Snow Day – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday Snow Day


Monday Snow Day

There will be no noon class, check back for info on PM classes.


Snow WOD

EMOTM 10 – Plank 30/30

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25 Jumping Squats

15 V-Ups

5 Handstand Pushups.

Post results here.

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  1. Geoff Mongeon

    Just finished – 4 + 35. Please note…I could not find a wall that I wanted to scuff up by doing hand stand pushups, so I substituted each HSPU with 5 perfect PU. So, that was a total of 100 PPU or 20 SAHSPU

    1. Geoff Mongeon

      I think that is what Melanie is going to try tonight. ……I was afraid of putting a heel through the sheet rock. Either way, HSPU or PU × 5 is pretty rough on the arms.

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