November 2014 Member of the Month – Susan Trigo – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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November 2014 Member of the Month – Susan Trigo


November 2014 Member of the Month – Susan Trigo


November Member of the Month

Why did you decide to join DHCF?

 DHCF was my first step into a gym.  I liked the idea of a place to workout where it felt more like personal training with attention to my fitness goals and abilities. Thankfully Coach Keith and Beth do a phenomenal job with this. In addition to that was nutritional trainingand meeting great people!

What has been your most memorable  achievement at DHCF?

 For me personally, it feels like every WOD offers a memorable achievement. From climbing a rope, to double unders, attempting handstands, the DHCF throwdown…by the way, the only athletic competition I’ve ever been in..and the nutrition challenge..all of which I never thought I could do!!

Do you have a favorite WOD or movement?

 This has been my first experience with weight training…I was always afraid to try it and I didn’t know how. I have to say making those incremental improvements every time I lift, is a great feeling of accomplishment! I can’t recall a favorite WOD, but I am inspired by the dedicated Hero WOD’s…and where else can you workout in costume…the Halloween WOD is always fun!

What words of encouragement would you offer a new Elements graduate?

I thought,”I’ll never be able to…” but eventually you will do it.  You will do it by going to the gym, working hard, eating well, practicing, and with determination. You need this!

It looks like you have achieved your 2014 goals. What are your new goals for rest of 2014 into 2015?

 Looking ahead I would like to focus on some of my weaknesses such as running, I need to build up my endurance. Any over head movement, especially OH squats are very challenging. An official Crossfit pushup would really top off my list of goals!


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