Saturday August 8th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday August 8th


Saturday August 8th

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General Warm up:

200m Run then 1 round of 10 Banded Good AMS, 20 Band walks,  10 Banded Thrusters

Specific Warm Up:

(As group with light weight Round 1, Round 2,3 on own building to WOD)
5 reps of Deadlifts, Power Cleans, Push Press, Power Snatch.

Part 2:

In honor of the 343 firefighters lost on 9/11/01

100 Deadlifts 
100 Power Cleans 
100 Ground to Overhead 
43 Burpee

RX (145/115),(95/65),(65/35) L2 (125/103),(75/53),(45/33) L1 (95/55),(65/35),(35/15)


Less Reps or
Lighter weight with all reps


Walk 200m


This workout involves a high volume of hip hinging, much of it under load. Non-competitive athletes may reduce the weight and/or number of repetitions.

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