August 2014 Member of the Month – Diane D’Ambra – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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August 2014 Member of the Month – Diane D’Ambra


August 2014 Member of the Month – Diane D’Ambra


Why did you decide to join DHCF?

My daughter, Britney, had been doing crossfit in CA and CT so when DHCF opened, she encouraged me to give it a try. She and I tried out a Saturday morning class and I was immediately hooked (very intimidated – but hooked)!

 What has been your most memorable  achievement at DHCF?

A few come to mind. I was really nervous about participating in the first DHCF Throwdown so I was really proud when I did it. I was also happy when I ran the 5k WOD and I am still surprised that I can now use the 20″ box for box jumps. Now if I can only master a push up…

 Do you have a favorite WOD?

Anything that doesn’t include a snatch or an overhead squat! 

What words of encouragement would you offer a new Elements graduate?

Have fun. Try things even when you are nervous. Get to know the members and the coaches because they are awesome. They actually make exercising fun!!

Is beating Brittany in a WOD a goal?

I like teasing Brit about it but she and I both know that it is unlikely so it’s not really a goal. It is so fun to experience Crossfit with her – she encourages and inspires me. When I first started Crossfit she told me to go class even if I didn’t think I could do the WOD otherwise I would never improve. That proved to be great advice. 

 Thanks to coach Keith and coach Beth for creating such a wonderful Crossfit community. Your ability to know each member is amazing.

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