Sunday February 23rd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Sunday February 23rd


Sunday February 23rd

Part 1: Core Work – 4 sets of 10 High Plank Pull thrus & 20 Mtn Climbers. Rest 90 seconds btw

Part 2: AMRAP 4 – Bike Cal, Rest 2 min,  AMRAP 4 – Row Cal,  Rest 2 min, AMRAP 4 – DU/SU.

Scale: Plank PT => lighter DB

Notes: Stimulus = Stamina. Part 1 Core work. Plank Pull Thru is a High plank and pull a DB from one side to other. Practice movement before starting. WOD is about pacing. 4 min is not very long but still long enough for each movement. Only a 2 min rest so don’t run out of gas.

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