Sunday January 31st – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Sunday January 31st


Sunday January 31st

Part 1:

Movement Prep & Warm-Up

Part 2:

“Tibetan Mastiff”
For Time:
100 Double Unders
21 Deadlifts 
15 Box Jump Overs 
9 Bar Muscle-ups
15 Box Jump Overs
21 Deadlifts
100 Double Unders

RX 225/155, 24/20, L2 185/135, 20/18, L1 135/95, 18/12


DU => SU x 2, Box Jump Overs => Weighted Step Overs, 9 Bar Mu = 18 Pullups/Ring Rows & 18 Push- Ups


100 Banded Curls
100 Banded Tricep Pushdowns
100 Banded Strict Upright Rows
100 Banded Face Pulls


We have a really neat chipper in store today that goes down and back up. Workouts like these are very fun because we can make intra workout audibles depending on how the first time through played out. Right off the back it starts with 100 double unders while we are fresh, which makes it a great opportunity to try something like this if we never have. To keep us moving we will impose a 2:00 cap here so we don’t get stuck doing double unders the entire workout. From there we go into our deadlifts. Today we want to choose a moderate weight that we can either complete unbroken or in 2 sets. This should not be back breaking, we should be able to move through this smoothly. Then, we have box jump overs where we completely clear the box (if you can). This is a really cool thing to practice from time to time. Our goal is to help each athlete find the proper height to jump over today if they can. Finally, we have our bar muscle ups. We will keep our options simple today here. 

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