Sunday July 28th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Sunday July 28th


Sunday July 28th

Part 1: Bench Press – 10,8,6,4,2 Building with a final drop set (max reps) with 3-4 drops to empty bar, Rest 2 min between sets.

Part 2: For Time: 200m Farmers Carry then 4 Rounds of 25 Goblet Squats, 25 RKBS then 200m Farmers Carry.

RX 53/35, L2 44/26, L1 35/18

Scale: Bench Press -> No drop set, WOD -> Scale Weight

Notes: Drop set = after final 2 reps, drop to lower weight for max reps, do this until bar empty. (set up bar to make quick and easy drops, make sure to have a spotter). Should use same weight KB for all movements if possible, can go heavier on Farmers Carries if desired

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