Sunday October 18th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Sunday October 18th


Sunday October 18th

General Warm Up:

3 minute Row, increase pace each minute


Roll Back with Hands in OH Position – 1 minute, Shoulder Stretch at Rack – 1 minute each arm, 10 Thoracic High Fives

 Part 1:

Review each movement for proper form and technique.

10-15 Reps of WBS & Snatch

10 Strokes each of Legs only, Arms and Back, Full Strokes 

Part 2:

5 rounds of 1 minute of : Wallballs,  DB Snatch,  Cal Row,  Rest

Rx 50/35, L2 40/25 L1 30/20


WBS, DB Snatch => Weight


Walk 200m


3 minutes of constant work, pick a 3 minute pace for each exercise, not a 1 minute pace. Try working for most of the minute with a short time for the transition.

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