Thursday November 11th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday November 11th


Thursday November 11th

WASHINGTON (Aug. 28, 2021) An undated portrait of Navy Corpsman Maxton W. Soviak during recruit training released by his family. Soviak was killed during an attack at the Abbey Gate of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, August 26, 2021. He was supporting Operation Allies Refuge while assigned to 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, based at Camp Pendleton, California. (Courtesy Photo)




1.) Split the work with a partner or choose to use a time cap to keep this workout within the class time domain.
2.) Complete each set of strict pull-ups in 3 sets or less.
3.) Complete the step-ups and burpees in 2 sets or less.
4.) Only use a vest if you can complete multiple rounds of the Rx’d workout UNBROKEN without a vest.


13 Rounds For Time:
8 Strict Pull-ups
26 Box Step-ups (24/20)
21 Burpees
– Wear a vest if able


13 Rounds For Time:
4 Strict Pull-ups
26 Box Step-ups (24/20)
21 Burpees


8 Ring Rows
26 Box Step-ups (20/18)
21 Up-Downs


AMRAP 30: At the level of choice for each athlete


Rest, Stretch, and Recover


3 Sets:
:30 Rocking Calf Stretch / Side
:30 Wrist Extension Stretch / Side


Target | Complete as many rounds and reps as you can in 35:00.
• Today’s hero workout, Maxton, includes a huge amount of volume, but the movements are simple. It’s very
important you set yourself to finish multiple rounds in large sets.
• We don’t recommend using a vest unless you have regularly completed workouts with a vest.
• Pay attention to the movement quality today. Avoid making this workout more challenging with a vest if
you already struggle with completing large sets of these movements unvested. Range of motion, consistent
pacing, and exposure to a higher volume challenge are the overriding goals today.
• We have reduced the number of scaling options for each movement today in order to maximize proper
warm-up time. We are going to stay away from assisted pull-up options, because it will allow all of you to keep moving faster. Reduce the pull-up reps so you can finish in 2 sets or less each round, or scale down to 8 ring rows.
• If you choose to perform the partner option, plan on coming up with a partner strategy that allows each of you to trade work in smaller faster sets.
• In honor of Navy Corpsman Maxton Soviak, 22, who was among the 13 U.S. service members killed during
the attack outside the Kabul airport in Afghanistan on Aug. 26, 2021. Soviak was an avid CrossFitter at
CrossFit Hita, CrossFit Latte Stone, and Custom Fitness Guam, and this workout includes some of his
favorite CrossFit movements. “Max loved hard work, he loved the grind, and he never gave up. He was
never one to put people down but rather pull them up to be great.” — Harold Aranda, a family friend.


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