Tuesday December 29th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday December 29th


Tuesday December 29th

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Part 1:

Row Drills – 4 Rounds of 125m, increasing pace each round

Pace Chart:

125m in :34 = 4:32/1000m
125m in :30 = 4:00/1000m
125m in :27 = 3:36/1000m
125m in :25 = 3:20/1000m.

Rest 45-60 seconds between

Part 2:

“Mount Kilimanjaro”
For Time:
1000/900m Row
40 Step-ups
750/675m Row
30 Box Jump-Overs
500/450m Row
20 Step-ups
250/225 Row
10 Box Jump-Overs

RX 30/24, L2 24/20, L1 20/15


If 1st Row is going to be longer than 4:30 then stop at 4:30,then 3:15, then 2:15, then 1:30.

Box Jump-Overs => Step Overs or Lower Box for Jump Overs


4 Rounds of 12 Gorilla Rows & 12 Banded Hamstring Rows (6 per side for both). Rest 1 minute between. Increase KB weight each round.


Push the rows at the fastest pace possible. Each row pace should be faster than the one before it. Maintain the fastest pace you can without having to stop and rest on the step-ups and box jumps. This might mean you slow down a lot, but what is important is that you keep moving and maintain unbroken sets.

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