Tuesday February 25th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday February 25th


Tuesday February 25th

Part 1: Snatch Complex – Snatch DL to knee (Pause), Hang Squat Snatch from the knee, Heaving Snatch Balance. Build to a moderate weight in 5 sets, resting 2 minutes

Part 2:

AMRAP 10 – 20 Alt DB Snatch, 50 DU. RX 50/35

Goal 2 – 2:30 per round

Scale: Weight and/or reps to keep you in the 2-2 1/2 min per round range, DU => SU x 2

Notes: Stimulus = Muscle Endurance and Stamina. Part 1 should not get super heavy, drill/technique work, working on getting under the bar fast. Part 2 is a longer sprint, pick a pace and weight that allows you to keep moving with little rest. If you have to rest more than 2x on DB’s it is to heavy.

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