Tuesday January 26th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday January 26th


Tuesday January 26th

Part 1:

8 Minutes to build to heavier than the WOD – 2 TNG Power Snatch/ 2 TNG Power Cleans

Part 2:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Touch-and-Go Power Snatch

Rx 95/65, L2 75/55, L1 65/35

– Rest 3:00

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Touch-and-Go Power Cleans

Rx 135/95, L2 115/80, L1 95/65

-Rest 3:00

EMOM 7: 20 Abmat Situps


Power Snatch & Clean => Hang Power Snatch & Clean, 20 Situps => 16 Situps => 12 Situps


3 Sets:
15 Barbell Good Morning
10 Barbell Rows Supinated Grip


Similar to yesterday, due to the volume and complexity of the workouts this week we are taking on a simpler EMOM style workout. The main focus today is making sure we have the appropriate loading. The time range of completion each round should be less than 45 seconds. If we cannot perform 10 repetitions in a row then reduce the load.
Scaling and Substitutions:
Use the level guides for help today. Don’t be afraid to push the weight a little. Challenge yourself to maintain complexity and as long as the form remains strong you are good to go. Use DBs in place of a barbell if you are uncomfortable with the barbell
Strategy & Tips:
Quick, efficient Touch and Go reps. Our challenge goal today is to perform the last EMOM of 20 sit-ups for all 7 rounds unbroken.

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