Tuesday March 8th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday March 8th


Tuesday March 8th



Finish most rounds in 1:30-2:15.

Start with a reserved pace and increase intensity as the workout progresses.

Work to develop cardiorespiratory endurance.

Consistent efforts, avoid redlining.


8 rounds for time:
400-m run
– Rest 1:30


8 rounds for time:
300-m run
– Rest 1:30


8 rounds for time:
200-m run
– Rest 1:30


Burgener snatch warm-up:
2 sets:
10 dip-drive
10 dip-drive shrug
10 dip-drive shrug elbows high and outside
10 muscle snatch
10 overhead squats
10 hang power snatches
10 power snatches
– Focus on hitting positions over increasing load.
– Begin first set with a PVC. Try the second set with an empty bar.


3 sets:
:30 foam roll calves/side
:30 T-spine foam roll


Target time | 1:30-2:15 rounds

Today’s running workout is a parallel to yesterday’s clean and jerks to balance out the heavy lifting day with a monostructural metabolic-conditioning workout.

For this workout, we’ll run 400 m and rest exactly 1:30 between rounds. This means you’ll add 1:30 to the clock when you finish each run and begin the next round at the time you came up with.

We’re looking for the rounds to fall between 1:30 and 2:15. If we can maintain at least 3-4 rounds in this realm, we should be OK to tackle this as prescribed. If your pace falls off slightly after 4 rounds, that’s OK.

If a 400-m run will push closer to 2:30 for most rounds, scale the distance of the run to fit the intended stimulus for this workout. As far as strategy goes, aim to hold back a little on the first 2 rounds and pick up the pace from there. If we do this right, the challenge should hit us around the fourth or fifth round.

To warm up, we’re going to practice a snatch drill with a PVC or empty barbell. The goal is to work on technique, so don’t rush the reps and maintain sound mechanics — even if it means you can’t always squat to full depth.

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