Tuesday May 22nd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday May 22nd


Tuesday May 22nd

Frozen vegetables and fruits are a terrific and economical option when fresh is unavailable or too expensive. The nutritional quality is just as good — and sometimes even better, because the produce is often picked and frozen at its peak of quality. The only rap is that freezing collapses the cell walls of certain fruits and vegetables, at some cost to their crunch. But this has no bearing on nutrition. Do look for frozen foods with a single ingredient — no fake herb-butter sauce!  

Partner WOD 8 rnds for time of

200m run,

10 T2B, (20 K2W)

10 DB push press alt after each round


CrossFit MetCon

4×12 Barbell Squat, add weight each set,4×8 BB Good AMs

8 rnds for time of

200m run,

20 Suitcase crunches,

10 DB push Press

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