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I want to get my first pull up.


I want to get my first pull up.


Ok so you want to get that first pull-up, but how do I get there? I know sometimes it seems like we have pull ups in every WOD, oh the anxiety it can cause, “I need space for my band”, “Which setting am I at for my band? “I am still jumping, should I use the band?”  Geez I have done like a thousand pull ups with the band, how come I still can’t do a pull-up?

If you want to be able to achieve a strict pull up you must first build strength, while we have pull-ups in the WOD the goal of the movement in the WOD is for a metabolic or conditioning response not strength. So while you may have done a high volume of pull-ups whether assisted or unassisted the response is to improve conditioning. If you want to increase strength you need to have strength as your goal.

One of the best ways to increase your strength for pull ups is to do negatives.  A negative starts a the top of the movement, that is with chin over the bar then slowly dropping to the bottom or until arms are extended.  In the negative or eccentric phase your muscles are lengthening as you hold them under tension, which elicits a strength response.  If you are still in early phase and can not hold your chin above the bar then start with dead hangs and ring rows, then progress to holding chin over the bar with ring rows and then negatives pull ups when you are able to hold chin over bar and drop slowly. While kipping seems glamorous and exciting it is important to build strength in shoulders and surrounding tissues before kipping. You should be able to do 5 strict pull-ups before kipping.

While its ok to scale and use bands in the WOD, the goal is not strength. If you want to have no band and be all-glamorous, then set aside some time either before or after class to do some extra work.

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