Wednesday June 26th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday June 26th


Wednesday June 26th

Part 1: 5×5 Romanian Deadlifts, stay 2″ or more off the floor. No heavier than WOD wt. Rest 90 sec.

Part 2: “Mixed Feelings”

5 Rounds on the 4 minutes. 12 Pullups, 16 TNG Deadifts, 200m Row.

RX 135/95, L2 115/80, L1 95/65

Scale: Part 1: KB Good AM’s. Part 2: Pullups -> RR

Notes: If you complete the round in 2:00, you will have 2:00 to rest before beginning the next interval. Load on the deadlift bar should be a light weight that you can complete with a maximum of one break.

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