Wednesday November 1st – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday November 1st


Wednesday November 1st

Strength: Back Squats – 4×4 @ 85% Rest 2.

WOD: “Mumbled” Challenge WOD #4

2 Rnds of 400m Run, Max Pullups,

500m Row, Max OHS,

50 DU (100 SU), Max Unbroken WBS.

Notes: Repeat from Challenge WOD 1. Goal is to challenge yourself on run/row/DU/SU but not to the point of long rest before 2nd exercise.


3 x 10 DB Squats, 3 x 10 Turkish Situps, 3 x 24 Plate Twists.


2 Rnds of

400m Run, Max Ring Rows,

400m Row, Max Wallballs,

100SU, Max Pushups.

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