Wednesday October 14th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday October 14th


Wednesday October 14th

Do you drink coffee and what do you put in it?

Coffee creamers that are labeled “non-dairy” use fat to mimic the “cream” aspect.

Many coffee flavorings are added sugar, corn syrup and food coloring.

Coffee creamers will boost the calories in your almost calorie free coffee.

“Specialty coffees” from Starbucks® can contain upwards of 65-80 grams of sugar per drink! That’s 18-20 teaspoons of sugar!!!!

General Warm Up:

200m run/200m row


Couch Stretch – 1 minute each side, Figure 4 in box – 1 minute each side Pancake stretch – 1 minute

Part 1:

Core Work: 4 sets of 30 seconds of Flutter Kicks, 30 seconds of Russian Twists, 30 seconds of Plank Jacks, 30 second Plank, Rest 1 minute between sets

Part 2:

“Five and Dime”

AMRAP 5 – 200m run, 10 Burpees.  2 minutes rest then AMRAP 5 – 250m row, 10 Burpees over Rower


Walk 100m and Pigeon Stretch – 1 minute each side


You should aim for 2+ rounds on each AMRAP. Fast paced WOD, Keep moving with minimal rest.

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